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The Red Eclipse, without doubt one of the best & the most populous EU realm of SWTOR - we are providing credits for it!

We are not here to break the gameplay of this brilliant realm, but to offer a lending hand to anyone who is busy offline doesn't have the time to farm and only seeks to play the high end part of the game.

Important Note: Multi-Boxes, Bots, Exploits and other prohibited ways to level & farm are avoided by all means. What we do, is done by hand hence the credits cost for The Red Eclipse. Security above all else.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How fast?

- The credits are delivered almost instantly, up to a few hours (until we log in game). We usualy send the credits via the in-game mail, or we can transfer it to you face2face.

2. What about the pricing?

- Considerable, multi-hour effort is required to even farm even 1000K on this realm, due to the server's population and low trade item value compared to other EU realms.

3. How safe is the process?

- It is considered unethical, but it is safe to buy credits from us. We will never mention that you really did! We do take many steps in order to preserve yours and ours account security.

4. Do you have a refund policy?

- As with the other realms we operate on, you are covered by our refund policy which is: If you don't get your credits within 24 hours of your purchase, simply request your refund on the following email address: contact@credits4swtor.com.

What Our Customers Say...

Purchased 2x 20000K today

Andreas Mörberg strongyfo****@hotmail.se (8th May '16)

Just a confirmation: i received the 2 purchases i made today and a bonus

Got my 20000K in 10 mins!

Matt Siegel siegema*****5@hotmail.com (10th February '16)

I'm so impressed! Made a 20000K order and it came through in about 10 mins. Thank you!!!!!

Very satisfied

Dimitriy Yianchuk dimigas****ch@live.com (4th February '16)

Hey, Thanks very much. Do you want me to leave some feedback somewhere? Very satisfied with your service. Regards,

Easy Trades

Katherine Killam katty.cat****@gmail.com (29th January '15)

Absolutely smooth and easy trades. Ordered multiple times so far! Thanks for the brilliant service.

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Email: shop@v7gaming.com Skype: Vision7Gaming (We sell credits for most SWTOR realms!)

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